Drawing Player Unkown’s

Industry Pros Brent and Max Redraw a scene from PUBG in a Rick and Morty style. In this episode we learn about cool photoshop tools like, Clipping mask, how to make straight lines, and tips for drawing guns.

In this epidose, Brent and Max take a scene from PUBG and draw it in a Rick and Morty Style.  Pubg is a Battle Royal game on Steam.  and is popular among twitch streamers.

Check out the production art from this episode!  Max Designed 8 Characters.  and Brent Designed the background and all the weapons!

Here is our final Background!

And here are all the characters!

We also sketched out some of the guns!

Links from the video

Special thanks to our artist submitter Miranda Brown https://www.instagram.com/dreadsupreme/?hl=en

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