Drawing Cars

Drawing a car can be…. Intimidating!  But the truth is that drawing a car is a lot like drawing a FACE! You just need to understand the basic structure first… Where are the Planes? Where do the eyes and mouth go? But after you’ve established that, you get to have more fun and get creative! And just like faces, It’s the small differences between features, that can give a car its individual character.

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I wanted to have a page dedicated to car drawing resources, but before we start, Lets look at some cool Cars with Character to Inspire you!

Some of the best resources I have found for drawing cars are the Cartoon, how to draw cars by George Trosley, Lets take a look at some of his guides.

These drawings were instrumental for me when I was first learning to draw cars. I Also want to show you guys an artist that I really like Frederick Gardner, who was a great inspiration for this Episode.

Another Amazing Artist that really inspired me to make this episode was Damon Moran!

Let’s take a look at the characters that were submitted for this episode!

Lots of cool Variety here so plenty to work with. The most important thing to remember when drawing cars is that they should tell you something about who is driving them. Your drawings should be believable, but also have character!

I drew a Jeep for the fox ranger that Victor sent us. This jeep was meant to encapsulate the rangers friendly forest vibes, and is modeled after an old scrambler, like the one my dad used to drive!

Katie sent us an Armadillo girl, and she got a 1988 Porsche 911 with mad max attachments, we felt like the style of this vehicle should be really exaggerated and crazy, to match the way she is drawn

The World War 1 that Characters Joseph sent us, got a Model T ambulance and a Mark V. These vehicles were drawn a bit more realistic to match the style of the original drawing.

The cyber punk lady that Bailey sent us also got a cool car as well. this one was inspired by rocket league and Cyberpunk 2077, and I used a lot of Kyles brushes to make it look like it was in a page from a manga.

Car Sketches

In preparation for this video, I drew a ton of car sketches for research, but didn’t get a chance to show them in the video, so here they are!

Here are the fords! an escort and a mustang

And here are a few other miscellaneous sketches that I wasn’t able to use. If you want to see us redraw your art, Send it to BAM.redrawmyart@gmail.com

Lazy Nezumi Photoshop Plugin

One of the tools I use is a set of guides built by Lazy Nezumi to achieve perfect hand drawn ellipses in perspective. Drawing concentric circles in perspective is usually tedious, as you need to adjust the ellipse center/degree/rotation for each circle.

With this ruler, you don’t even have to think about it! As you move your pen, the ellipse will be adjusted so that it passes through your current pen position, but keeps the original perspective projected center. This allows you to quickly draw perspective correct concentric circles or ellipses.

Lazy Nezumi can do almost any perspective guide you can think of! it is a super handy tool for all artists. And we’ve partnered with them for this video, by purchasing a license through our affiliate link you can get accsess to the best perspective tools available, and help support the channel. Its free to try for 15 days!


Lazy Nezumi Pro offers a set of pressure sensitive rulers that will help you with technical drawing!

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