Building a Budget PC for Digital Art!

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A Cheap Desktop can be a great tool for #DigitalArt, and its the best way to get into professional software! today we found an old computer on craigslist to make some cool digital art on. Digital art does not have to be expensive with the right hardware. This old computer will run #Photoshop, #Clipstudio, Flash, TVPaint, and Harmony! And it even has a solid state drive. What kind of computer do you use to make digital art?


Thank you to Taran Van Hemert for collaborating with us, his channel is right here, 👨‍💻

See a First Person view guide to building computers on Linus Tech Tips!…

And thank you To Ari Grabb for lending us a Harmony Animation file 🧑

📸Stock Photography used Marcus J. Ranum


Special thanks to our Submitting artists: 🧑David Koumagnon : ————————————

This is the tablet we used. this link is not affiliated and we are not sponsored by Huion, we just happened to choose this tablet and it worked for us

✍️Huioin HS610 :


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